APPEX Networks

Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Embracing Multi-Cloud Without Compromising Performance

As enterprises increasingly adopt a multi-cloud strategy to leverage best-of-breed services and avoid vendor lock-in, a new set of challenges emerges. Operating across multiple public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP as well as private clouds can lead to disjointed connectivity and visibility gaps that hinder application performance.

AppEx delivers seamless multi-cloud connectivity, enabling enterprises to embrace the cloud operating model of their choice without sacrificing security, reliability, or performance. Our global private backbone interconnects the world’s leading public and private cloud providers, data centers, and SaaS platforms.

Simplify Operations

A single pane of glass, the AppEx application and network monitoring console, provides centralized control and visibility across your entire multi-cloud ecosystem. Effortlessly monitor resource utilization, optimize configurations, and streamline deployments.

Unparalleled Performance

Direct, high-bandwidth connections ensure low latency and exceptional application responsiveness. Say goodbye to sluggish performance and frustrating delays that hamper productivity.

Ironclad Security

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, security is more crucial than ever. We utilize robust RTT tunnels with cutting-edge IPSec encryption to shield your network from potential threats.

Why Choose AppEx Networks?

Establish secure, high-speed virtual cloud onramps from your enterprise sites and branch locations to all your clouds for ex: Oracle, Tencent, Alibaba, AWS, Google, Azure and more over AppEx’s AI-powered global network.

Leverage AppEx’s cloud-to-cloud connectivity to build high-throughput links between your multi-cloud resources, allowing free flow of data and seamless interconnectivity.

AppEx’s proprietary Ai-powered CloudWAN ensures optimal performance for your applications and workloads wherever they reside – on-prem, public cloud, or private cloud.

Gain unified visibility and real-time monitoring across your distributed multi-cloud topology for fast troubleshooting and preventative measures.