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MPLS Alternative

The Future of Enterprise Networking

Tired of skyrocketing MPLS costs, sluggish deployments, and security vulnerabilities? You’re not alone. Traditional MPLS circuits are becoming increasingly outdated, hindering businesses seeking agility and robust security in today’s dynamic landscape.

The Future-Proof MPLS Alternative

AppEx Networks offers a revolutionary solution that surpasses the limitations of MPLS. Our innovative software-defined networking (SDN) platform delivers unparalleled benefits, empowering you to:

Slash CAPEX Costs

Eliminate the need for expensive, dedicated MPLS circuits. AppEx leverages the power of the internet and cloud, optimizing existing bandwidth and significantly reducing infrastructure costs.

Deploy in a Flash

Gone are the days of waiting months for MPLS provisioning. AppEx’s AI-based CloudWAN platform enables rapid deployment, getting your network up and running in a matter of hours.

Fortify Your Security Posture

Fortify Your Security Posture
Traditional MPLS offers limited security features. AppEx prioritizes security with end-to-end RTT tunnel with IPSec encryption between the endpoints, we shield your network from potential threats.

Why Choose AppEx Networks?

Whether you’re a small startup or a global multinational corporation, AppEx’s CloudWAN scales effortlessly to meet your evolving connectivity needs. Our flexible architecture allows you to expand your network infrastructure seamlessly as your business grows, ensuring optimal performance and reliability at all times.

Experience unparalleled quality of service with our AI-powered acceleration capabilities. From prioritizing mission-critical applications to optimizing bandwidth allocation, our AI/ML algorithms optimize routing for efficient traffic flow.

Break free from geographical constraints with AppEx Network’s global reach. With over 600 geographically distributed Points of Presence (POPs) on a multi-cloud backbone, our state-of-the-art overlay leverages Real-time TCP tunnel (RTT) technology for secure and high-performance global connectivity.

MPLS Alternative vs MPLS