APPEX Networks

Reliable and Secure Connectivity for China


Due to network restrictions, businesses and users in China often experience poor application performance when accessing resources hosted outside the country. AppEx Networks solves this challenge with an extensive network footprint across China, including 250+ Points of Presence (POPs) strategically located across the country.

Our local POPs act as on-ramps to AppEx’s global private backbone, enabling optimized routing and secure tunneling of traffic destined for international sites and cloud services. This bypass of the open internet mitigates latency, packet loss, and security risks.

Enhanced Connectivity

AppEx Networks provides a robust solution to bypass China’s network restrictions, ensuring uninterrupted access to resources outside the country. Our advanced technology optimizes network routes, minimizing latency and packet loss, thereby enhancing connectivity for users in China. Say goodbye to frustrating delays and hello to smooth, reliable connections.

Heightened Security

Security is paramount, especially in an environment as dynamic as the digital landscape. AppEx Networks offers comprehensive security features to safeguard your data and communications. Through end-to-end RTT tunnel with IPSec encryption between the endpoints, we shield your network from potential threats, ensuring peace of mind for both businesses and individuals operating in China.

Optimized Application Performance

Slow-loading websites and lagging applications can severely impact productivity and user experience. With AppEx Networks, you can bid farewell to performance woes. Our innovative solutions prioritize and accelerate application traffic, delivering lightning-fast speeds and seamless performance, even in the face of China’s network restrictions.

Why Choose AppEx Networks?

AppEx has built a robust, private global network infrastructure with over 600 Points of Presence (POPs) strategically located in major business hubs worldwide, all within a mere 10ms reach of 90% of the global population. Experience a low-latency, high-performance connectivity solutions tailored to your enterprise’s specific geographic needs.

AppEx has a strong presence in China with 250+ POPs across the country. Enables us to overcome the challenges posed by China’s internet controls, providing enterprises with reliable, accelerated connectivity between their China operations and the rest of the world.

Providing vendor-agnostic security approach, delivering complete SASE solution by running best-of-breed security technologies, including SWG, CASB, FWaaS and ZTNA, chosen by customer on top of CloudWAN backbone resources and RTT technology.

Simplified and enhanced cloud connectivity through 600+ POPs distributed on major cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Experience high-speed connectivity to cloud resources, improving performance and enhancing security compared to internet-based access.

AppEx’s global network is designed with redundancy in mind, leveraging multiple pathways and automatic failover capabilities. This ensures enterprises benefit from reliable, always-on connectivity, minimizing downtime and business disruptions.

With a team of experienced network engineers and 24/7 global Network Operations Centers (NOCs), AppEx offers proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and support services, ensuring optimal network performance and minimizing resolution times for any issues.