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Elevate SOHO User connectivity experience with CloudWAN

Any User, Anywhere, Any Application

Why Single Office Home Office ?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, SOHO users’ connectivity isn’t just a convenience—it’s a strategic imperative. The Single Office Home Office (SOHO) model has become increasingly prevalent, with individuals and small businesses requiring robust and efficient network solutions to support their day-to-day operations. AppEx Networks presents CloudWAN an AI powered solution tailored to meet the unique demands of SOHO users’ environments, ensuring seamless connectivity, security and application performance with centralized orchestration, observability, and management.

Say goodbye to latency, lag and other typical challenges faced by the SOHO users. Empower your SOHO users with the unparalleled benefits of CloudWAN, a cutting-edge Network as a Service (NaaS) solution with built-in application acceleration. CloudWAN leverages its SLA-backed global network of 600+ PoPs and AI based TCP acceleration (ZetaTCP) with RTT tunnelling to secure and accelerate application performance. SOHO users enjoy faster access to critical applications, improved collaboration, and an overall enhanced user experience, no matter where your workforce is located.

-Patrick Williamson, Senior IT Manager, vRad

The net effect with AppEx is that we have local LAN speeds over long distances. AppEx’s data acceleration works with no data compression, which is a vital requirement for global telemedicine. None of that data can be lost or degraded because it is all vital and necessary in order for remote radiologists to make the best diagnosis possible.

- Timo Choi, Technical Architect, SK Telecom

AppEx CloudWAN enables us to realize our vision of connecting Asian countries in a more efficient way. We believe that AppEx will make the groundbreaking network service all over the world.


Improved Productivity

Enhance productivity with a reliable and fast network infrastructure, allowing SOHO users to focus on their core tasks without worrying about connectivity issues.

SLA Assurance

Turn SOHO users Internet into an SLA backed enterprise network with guaranteed reliability and redundancy.

Secure Connectivity

Ensure the security of sensitive data through robust encryption enabling secure communication between SOHO environments and the Cloud/DC.

Adaptability and Growth

Easily scale the network infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of the business, providing a flexible solution that evolves with your organization.

Simplified Management

Simplify SOHO user management with an intuitive interface, gain visibility into network utilization and connectivity trends.

Connect SOHO users to your applications from anywhere across the globe through our strategically positioned POPs. Enjoy the benefit of a global network of 600+ PoPs with 99.999% of availability SLA. Our AI based Orchestrator intelligently selects the best POP, delivering optimal performance based on users’ geographical proximity.

Experience accelerated application performance with AI-powered ZetaTCP. ZetaTCP thrives on continuous learning and feedback mechanism to adapt to the underlying network dynamics. ZetaTCP seamlessly incorporates with Real-Time tunnel (RTT) to elevate application performance, especially in the face of adverse network conditions.

Gain valuable insights into your network usage and consumption patterns of SOHO users through CloudWAN’s deep observability. Make informed business decisions based on accurate data analysis, ensuring your strategies align with real-world network dynamics.

Connect to applications in Data centers, Clouds, or SaaS environments without compromising on security. CloudWAN provides a secure transit that enables seamless access to critical resources, regardless of the hosting environment. Your SOHO users can work without constraints, knowing that their connection is both reliable and secure.

CloudWAN for SOHO comes with a user-friendly client, Mobile CPE, available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Experience seamless connectivity at your fingertips, regardless of your device or operating system. This powerful client not only ensures the privacy of your data but also enriches last-mile connectivity through a myriad of optimization features.

CloudWAN ensures seamless bandwidth management, proactive resource allocation and auto-scaling to support ever-changing business needs. Enjoy a network that adapts effortlessly to meet the evolving demands of your SOHO environment.

AI-based orchestration revolutionizes connectivity for SOHO users by intelligently optimizing path selection and seamlessly managing POP switchover to meet SLA benchmarks. Continuously evaluating real-time metrics, this advanced system adapts to changing network conditions, ensuring optimal performance and minimal disruptions. The outcome is a resilient and adaptive network infrastructure tailored for SOHO environments, prioritizing efficiency and adherence to SLA commitments, thus enhancing the overall connectivity experience for small office and home office users.