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Redefining Speed, Reliability, and Performance

Why SaaS Acceleration?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the efficiency of your SaaS applications can be the key to your success. However, the Internet can be a challenging environment for delivering SaaS services. Slow, unreliable connections to your SaaS providers can disrupt your workflow and hinder productivity. With the increased adaptation of hybrid working, the users rely on the Internet but tend to suffer poor experience and productivity.

-Patrick Williamson, Senior IT Manager, vRad

The net effect with AppEx is that we have local LAN speeds over long distances. AppEx’s data acceleration works with no data compression, which is a vital requirement for global telemedicine. None of that data can be lost or degraded because it is all vital and necessary in order for remote radiologists to make the best diagnosis possible.

- Timo Choi, Technical Architect, SK Telecom

AppEx CloudWAN enables us to realize our vision of connecting Asian countries in a more efficient way. We believe that AppEx will make the groundbreaking network service all over the world.

The Challenges of SaaS over the Internet

Best Effort Only

The public internet is a shared network that operates as Best Effort only. No service assurance beyond your carrier infrastructure.

Bandwidth Bottleneck

Public internet connections often come with fixed bandwidth capacities, which can be insufficient during peak usage times when more bandwidth is needed for optimal performance.


The Internet's inherent latency can slow down your SaaS applications, making them less responsive and efficient.

Unpredictable Routing

The Internet's routing can be unpredictable, causing your data to take inefficient paths, leading to increased latency and potential outages.

Security Concerns

Transmitting sensitive data over the public Internet can raise security concerns, making your organization vulnerable to cyber threats.

No Compliance & Governance

Organizations subject to strict regulatory requirements may face compliance challenges when using SaaS over the public internet. Data transmitted over international boundaries may not comply with local regulations.

AppEx CloudWAN to the rescue

AppEx Networks offers a cutting-edge SaaS acceleration service, utilizing a global overlay network to optimize and expedite your SaaS traffic to the respective SaaS providers’ geolocation. The solution offers an SLA backed global network and AI-powered best path routing to reroute around outages and congestion.

We take your data’s security seriously. AppEx Networks provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring your SaaS traffic remains private and protected. Plus, our AI based path switching and load balancing techniques guarantee the reliability of your connections.

Flexibility of on-demand bandwidth allows organizations to dynamically adjust their network capacity to meet varying demands, ensuring a seamless user experience even during traffic spikes.

Your users deserve the best SaaS experience, and AppEx Networks is here to provide it. With our SaaS acceleration, users can enjoy speedy, uninterrupted access to their favorite applications, no matter where they are located

AppEx Networks excels at routing SaaS traffic to the closest geolocation of your SaaS providers, optimizing for both the shortest path and geographical proximity. This dual approach ensures that your data travels the shortest distance, effectively reducing latency and significantly enhancing your application’s performance.

Our secret sauce for optimizing SaaS performance is ZetaTCP. This state-of-the-art application optimization technology ensures that even when your global internet path is less than ideal, your SaaS applications perform at their best. Say goodbye to frustrating lags, buffering, and unresponsiveness.

AppEx can help organizations comply with regulatory requirements by ensuring the selected regions and network path are omitted from the routing domain.

Our extensive global overlay network is strategically designed to optimize SaaS traffic delivery. With points of presence across the world, we ensure your data takes the most efficient path to its destination, reducing latency and improving performance. What sets us apart is our extensive network infrastructure. With 600+ POPs strategically located in the same geolocations and data centers as popular SaaS providers; we bring your SaaS applications closer to you. This proximity eliminates the traditional issues associated with a convoluted global internet path.