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Redefining Connectivity, Security, and Performance in the Cloud Era

AppEx CloudWAN

AppEx CloudWAN, an advanced global network backbone, integrates cutting-edge AI/ML technology and built-in WAN optimization. With over 600 geographically distributed Points of Presence (POPs) on a multi-cloud backbone, our state-of-the-art overlay leverages Real-time TCP tunnel (RTT) technology for secure and high-performance connectivity. All CloudWAN POPs double as SASE POPs, seamlessly integrating security solutions into the purpose-built networking stack. The centralized Orchestrator utilizes AI and ML for SLA-based, data-driven analytics to manage end-to-end network and security services.

AppEx SD-WAN excels in optimizing network traffic, reducing latency, and enhancing overall performance seamlessly. Its intelligent routing capabilities ensure data flows through the most efficient paths across available transports, leading to improved application responsiveness. SD-WAN’s capability to utilize multiple network connections, including broadband and MPLS, offers cost savings and increased flexibility.

AppEx ZetaTCP, our proprietary AI-driven TCP acceleration tech, is trusted globally by enterprises and major carriers. Continuously learning and adapting to network dynamics, ZetaTCP seamlessly integrates with Real-Time tunnel (RTT) for dynamic path selection for enhanced application performance, particularly in challenging network conditions. By reimagining standard TCP protocol characteristics, ZetaTCP excels in resilience to latency and packet loss.

Our solution dynamically caters to evolving business needs with auto-scaling POPs that provision resources on demand, ensuring efficient scalability for exponential growth. The flexible architecture enables the rapid deployment of new POPs within hours to support emerging regions. Optimized for top-tier performance, our SASEflex solution delivers low latency, high availability, and secure connectivity.

Our SASE observability layer leverages AI/ML to offer real-time insights into network traffic and security events, providing organizations with unparalleled visibility into the network performance. With our observability tools, one can monitor and analyse user activities ensuring that a clear picture of how the network is being utilized. This includes end-to-end visibility, bandwidth utilization, and application performance

Streamline network and security configuration management with AppEx Networks’ unified dashboard, offering comprehensive visibility and control over the entire infrastructure. The platform simplifies policy monitoring and enforcement from a centralized location. Leveraging AI and ML, key administrative tasks are automated, including monitoring, reporting, and alerting for enhanced day-to-day operations.

Control Center

Reliable management and monitoring of POPs, CPEs and links; Dynamic route switch to guarantee 99.99% SLA uptime; 24/7 real-time, automatic and intelligent network management.

Centralized Management

Centralized management of multiple carriers’ links and QoS for data flows with different traffic patterns.

End-to-End Visibility

End-to-End network and traffic visibility

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerting

24/7 monitoring for CloudWAN POPs, links and CPEs.

Automatic Scheduling

Dynamic route switch to guarantee 99.99% SLA uptime

Custom Report

Custom report of system information to meet different user requirements

-Patrick Williamson, Senior IT Manager, vRad

The net effect with AppEx is that we have local LAN speeds over long distances. AppEx’s data acceleration works with no data compression, which is a vital requirement for global telemedicine. None of that data can be lost or degraded because it is all vital and necessary in order for remote radiologists to make the best diagnosis possible.

- Timo Choi, Technical Architect, SK Telecom

AppEx CloudWAN enables us to realize our vision of connecting Asian countries in a more efficient way. We believe that AppEx will make the groundbreaking network service all over the world.

What is RTT?

Real-Time TCP Tunnel (RTT) is a high-performance data transmission tunnel developed by AppEx Networks. Integrated with ZetaTCP technology, RTT can guarantee high-throughput data transmission on the network path with packet loss and unstable latency. RTT also has advanced optimization for real-time applications like live-streaming, video conferencing, etc.

Why use RTT ?

RTT is designed to overcome the low throughput issue caused by packet loss and unstable latency on the network path.

Technology in RTT

ZetaTCP: ZetaTCP is a series of TCP acceleration algorithms applied in RTT and other AppEx WAN optimization products. ZetaTCP can adjust optimization for data transmission dynamically based on feedback from real-time data flows, which can significantly overcome the low throughput issue caused by packet loss and unstable latency on the network path.

Edge Device/Access Software

Users can access CloudWAN with CloudWAN CPE, CloudWAN software client or own VPN gateway devices via IPSec/SSL/GRE. With CloudWAN CPE, data transmission in last mile can also be optimized by RTT tunnel.

CloudWAN CPE can manage the access to multiple carriers’ links (Dedicated line, MPLS and Internet) to maximize the bandwidth utilization.

With Zero-touch setup, users can deploy CloudWAN CPE and start to use CloudWAN service right away. Management and configuration are all set.

Based on different user requirement, CloudWAN CPE is able to apply different strategies to data flows of different applications to guarantee the standard of QoS.

For mobile users, AppEx provides CloudWAN software client on mobile devices (Windows OS, OS X, IOS, Android OS, etc.) to access CloudWAN network.