Network Acceleration Technology

TCP dominates 90% of network traffic. Most of today's popular applications are running on TCP. But as a protocol that was developed decades ago, TCP is becoming a bottleneck due to the fast evolution of mobile devices, cloud computing and web network access technologies. The key problem is that TCP does not adapt well to significant packet loss and latency.

To date, there are three generations of TCP optimization:

  • Loss-based – which seeks to improve standard TCP while still utilizing loss to govern speed
  • Delay-based – which uses queuing delay instead of loss to govern speed
  • Learning-based – which uses analytics and learned session observations to govern speed in real-time

Both loss-based and delay-based TCP optimizations are static in nature because they apply “one-size-fits-all” algorithms to adjust the speed of the transmission and frequency of retransmission across all sessions, regardless of the different characteristics of the network paths. While the delay-based approach is an improvement over loss-based TCP optimization, it can be disrupted by small queues in the data path or by frequent latency changes, which is a typical occurrence in mobile networks.

As the only Learning-based and latest generation of TCP optimization technology in the industry, AppEx ZetaTCP® is capable of observing session characteristics on-the-fly in order to apply intelligent, session-specific transport optimizations. ZetaTCP® is a series of transport acceleration algorithms that improve both speed and stability of TCP connections in a single-ended deployment. ZetaTCP® does not replace the standard TCP stack and works in a completely transparent way. Deploying on the origin or cache server side, ZetaTCP® accelerates content delivery and improves the Quality of Experience for end-users.


ZetaTCP® can also be installed in client devices as software to speed uploads to content sharing and storage sites like Dropbox and Evernote, or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


ZetaTCP Server Side Deployment


ZetaTCP Client Side Deployment

The following diagram provides a illustration of the ZetaTCP® engine that houses most of the optimization intelligence and control functions. Packets are queued at the TCP in/out modules while most of the logic is focused on the WAN-side processing.


For more details, see the AppEx whitepaper entitled: ZetaTCP®: An Intelligent Approach to Transport Acceleration.