Advanced Network Acceleration & Optimization Technology

The Web is capable of so much these days, but end users still sometimes encounter that ever-spinning, Loading Wheel of Doom that no one ever wants to see when they need to use an app right now. This can be especially challenging when it comes to cloud applications or mobile users. And that’s why AppEx Networks uses Learning-Based Acceleration™ technology.

Our patent-pending technology is based on the idea of asymmetric TCP acceleration so the traffic flow is adapted to the unique circumstances and data requirements of each session.

Peer-to-peer traffic has posed a major challenge for application and content delivery service providers in terms of managing bandwidth, because they often use both TCP and UDP connections simultaneously to deliver bandwidth-heavy applications. To meet the challenge of P2P, AppEx has developed two key network acceleration and optimization technologies, both of which are patent-pending: ZetaTCP® Acceleration and IPEQ® Traffic Control.

ZetaTCP® Acceleration is transparent to applications and network devices to improve the performance, speed and stability of TCP connections in a single-ended deployment. ZetaTCP® is the first asymmetric TCP acceleration technology which can learn network connection conditions and adapt to them dynamically -- making for a seamless experience for the end user. All our software and appliances are powered by ZetaTCP®

IPEQ® Traffic Control, like ZetaTCP®, improves network performance for the end user. However, this technology can be client-side deployed and is able to prioritize critical applications and reduce last mile congestion -- ensuring a better Quality of Experience (QoE). IPEQ® actually works to reverse-control the peers’ transmission behavior on both TCP and UDP connections, so traffic congestion is a thing of the past and users enjoy optimal performance from their video streaming and gaming applications.