Web Application Acceleration Solution

Slow websites aren’t just an inconvenience for your visitors -- they can actually lose your company customers and revenue. But at the same time, today’s web users expect more interactivity and a more personalized experience. So how do you provide both fast loading times and more dynamic content? With web application acceleration solutions from AppEx Networks.

Many factors can contribute to a website’s slowness. Maybe an application is poorly written, or the web page itself needs to be optimized. TCP and other Internet data delivery protocols have their own problems that can slow a page down. And even though caching has been used for years to improve performance on sites that users frequently visit, the increased interactivity of websites and use of dynamic content have made caching solutions much less effective.

The benefit of AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration™ technology is that our web application acceleration solution adapts to the unique connection characteristics of each session, so users enjoy faster, smoother page loads and video streaming acceleration on many types of websites -- from social networks to e-commerce sites, file sharing services, online gaming sites and more. This solution uses asymmetric web performance acceleration technology to reduce network congestion, speed up content delivery and improve web application stability for both servers and clients by increasing TCP connection success rates.


Software Deployment


Appliance Deployment

Because our Learning-Based Acceleration™ addresses dynamic traffic from the origin servers, users experience fewer page-loading failures and enjoy shorter average wait times. Dynamic content acceleration means less frustration, and that means more sales and improved customer loyalty for your brand.

With more sites serving up dynamic, personalized or interactive content, caching of static content alone just doesn’t do enough anymore to help websites load quickly. And with more users accessing websites via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets rather than desktop computers, speed is of critical importance. AppEx dynamic web content acceleration has been used to benefit a wide variety of websites, from e-commerce to bloggers to service providers. Our clientele includes small and medium businesses to large corporations and organizations.

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The Case for Origin Acceleration

Why doesn’t content caching solve today’s web performance problems? To accelerate web content delivery, caching technologies are often employed to store static content physically closer to site visitors, to overcome the impact of latency and packet loss.

Today's websites contain an increasing number of personalized pages and dynamic content that cannot be cached. When site visitors are far from the source, extra latency and packet loss significantly deteriorate the TCP connections, reducing throughput and even causing failures in page loading.

Statistics also show that more people are now accessing popular websites from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Generally, mobile wireless networks tend to create longer latency and more packet loss because of fading radio signals and constantly changing network conditions.

Although caching can still be useful, dynamic content is becoming more and more important to the overall performance of a web application. The static content delivery from the CDN is usually dependent upon the dynamic content coming from the origin in order to be served in a timely manner. Then there is the dynamic content that is served directly to the user from origin, bypassing the CDN altogether. This is content that is generated uniquely each time or content that is too expensive to serve from a CDN, like “long-tail content”. AppEx speeds up both types of dynamic origin content, which increases the overall speed of the web application. The point of origin could be a customer data center, a laptop, or the edge of a Cloud or CDN over the last mile.

Use Cases:

  • Deploy LotWan or install LotServer in application/web servers to accelerate origin content and complement CDN static edge delivery
  • Install LotServer in CDN edge servers to accelerate the last mile to end users
  • Stabilize and accelerate video delivery from origin or CDN to end users, especially for long distance users
  • Customer Support portals or Collaboration sites
  • Minimize geographic latency in web applications
  • API interfaces (application to application communication)