Learning Based Solutions for Web, Mobile & Cloud Applications

There are many challenges facing end users as well as service providers in today’s online environment. The rise of peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing can create a bandwidth nightmare for application and content delivery service providers and end users alike. Businesses that rely on web or cloud-based applications for critical operations need to know that those applications will be available when they need them. And all of us have been affected when a favorite website or E-commerce site is unavailable, or a video stream won’t play smoothly on a mobile device.

Web Application Acceleration

Today’s websites are more interactive than ever, which unfortunately also creates a lot more potential for a sluggish response and slow loading times. And that’s the case with all different types of websites -- from E-commerce sites to search portals, social media to video streaming sites. Caching content used to solve (or minimize) this problem, but with most websites serving up dynamic content these days, caching is no longer the best solution for content delivery acceleration. Learning-Based Acceleration™, on the other hand, can help boost web performance.

Mobile Access Acceleration

Mobile devices are capable of so much, and many consumers use them to play games, watch videos, and access other content. The problem is that despite powerful multi-core processors, performance may still be poor due to the instability inherent in mobile networks as opposed to wired networks. AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration™ can help alleviate some of that network instability for a smoother user experience.

Cloud Acceleration

Cloud-based applications have been a godsend for businesses and individual users alike. But the mobile nature of the cloud is also one of its potential drawbacks: Users logging in remotely often experience latency due to the distance between the application server in the cloud and the users. With the ability to transparently accelerate TCP connections, AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration™ technology allows users to experience cloud-based applications as though they were locally hosted.

Client Side Acceleration

Cloud storage services, video streaming and social networks are virtually ubiquitous, and users expect their laptops and smartphones to be able to keep up with their usage demands. Now they can, with AppEx’s client-side upload accelerator. Our Learning-Based Acceleration™ and traffic control technology optimizes data transport so it’s faster and easier to upload a video to YouTube, a photo to Facebook, or a file to Dropbox. And all of this happens from the client side. AppEx software can be installed on client devices, or pre-installed to avoid the end user needing to configure the software. AppEx Learning-Based solutions can make slow-loading sites and lagging a thing of the past -- which makes your end users happier and might just help you win more market share.