Mobile Access Acceleration & Optimization

70% of today’s Internet users connect across a Wi-Fi or mobile networks. This number is growing rapidly because of the proliferation of wireless devices like tablets and smartphones, and user preference for anytime, anywhere access. Travelers and mobile workers connect through Wi-Fi networks at coffee shops, airports and free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. However, when network performance is poor and mobile downloads lag, mobile devices become conversely inconvenient. Fortunately, AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration™ helps to improve the performance of content and application delivery to mobile devices in both Wi-Fi and cellular environments.

AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration™ uses real-time measurements of network traffic conditions, user location, and device and application features to make intelligent decisions about the network to achieve better TCP efficiency. Our mobile access acceleration solution works on a session-by-session basis learning about each connection, maximizing throughput and avoiding data loss while reducing congestion.

The Wireless Last Hop

The most often used end-to-end performance testing platforms of a web page or video file do not include the newest leg in the end-to-end performance calculation – “the wireless last hop”. Most of these platforms were designed to measure performance over the first, middle and last mile of the wired Internet – before wireless connectivity became the de facto standard.

The wireless last hop is a term that we use to describe the last segment of the path to the end user that passes across a Wi-Fi or mobile network. In most cases the slowest link is this wireless last hop.

Figure 1: The Wireless Last Hop

AppEx technology can increase the end-to-end throughput performance from the data center or cloud – all the way across the mobile last mile to the smart phone or to the tablet or laptop running on Wi-Fi or mobile network. For the first time you can impact not only the first, middle and last mile but also extend this across the “wireless last hop”, delivering better performance all the way to the end device regardless of whether there was a wireless network or not. AppEx technology also delivers the ability to support more devices across a Wi-Fi network with consistently good performance.

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Our Solution

Whether you are looking for faster Web applications for your mobile users or just a better user experience for streaming content on mobile viewers, AppEx has the solution to fit your needs.

Figure 2: Software Deployment

Figure 3: Appliance Deployment

AppEx offers several mobile access optimization products to meet your business requirements. The solution can be deployed as a software module on your Windows or Linux servers or as an appliance to consolidate traffic in front of your web servers on the way out to the Internet. A third deployment option is as a virtual instance in a data center or cloud. Regardless of how it is deployed the solution requires no changes to applications, networks or client devices.

Use Cases

  • Speed up Web applications that are accessed from smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices
  • Optimize the CDN or cloud edge servers to accelerate the last mile to mobile and Wi-Fi users
  • Improve the user experience for Streaming content to mobile and Wi-Fi connected devices
  • Faster API Interfaces (Application to Application communication)


AppEx technology was designed to optimize mobile and Wi-Fi traffic to end users from any infrastructure including cloud, data center or mobile service provider networks. The technology can be deployed in many flexible ways to speed up any application to any device across any network with nothing required at the receiving end.

AppEx products are easy to deploy and test – contact us for a free test drive.