Client Side Upload Acceleration Solution

Video and other bandwidth-intensive rich media applications are becoming the norm on every device. More and more content is being uploaded into the Cloud for secure storage and retrieval. This upload data tsunami demands huge bandwidth for fast data transfers. At the same time, data downloads such as video streaming and rich media applications also demands a huge amount of bandwidth to perform smoothly without interruption.

AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration speeds up data uploads and minimizes the impact on data downloads, such as video streaming, rich media applications, and other data flows. It monitors data flow conditions and adjust data transmission rates to ensure maximum performance in both directions.

AppEx can be installed on client devices to deliver the following benefits:

1.Leveraging ZetaTCP® Learning-Based Acceleration technology, the AppEx software speeds the upload of pictures to Facebook and Twitter, videos to YouTube, whiteboard snapshots to Evernote, and files to Dropbox.


2.Leveraging IPEQ® traffic management technology, AppEx software can guarantee bandwidth to high priority applications and also ensure lower priority applications get enough bandwidth to run efficiently.


LotClient Prioritizes Traffic

AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration can also be embedded into home/SMB routers to enable fair sharing of bandwidth and reduce congestion to deliver the right amount of network access for everyone.

Use Cases:

  • Pre-install LotClient software in smartphones and tablets to speed uploads to Facebook and Twitter, or to speed up the process of sending a whiteboard snapshot to Evernote
  • Install LotClient on laptops and desktops to speed uploads and also prioritize video traffic over other non-mission critical traffic
  • Embedding LotClient into home/SMB routers to accelerate uploads and to enable the fair sharing of bandwidth among multiple users
  • Shared Internet access in a public place such as a coffee shop or airport
  • Management of bandwidth usage on any personal device
  • Embedded in home or SMB routers to speed uploads and balance bandwidth usages among multiple users