Cloud Optimization & CDN Acceleration

For cloud-based CDN, network storage service and SaaS providers, AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration technology can deliver a good user experience regardless of how far away the user is from the application. The biggest challenge to cloud providers today is the latency that is added when moving an application into the cloud infrastructure. The network distance adds additional latency and slows down applications. This can frustrate users who are used to fast responses.

Cloud technology changes the economics of computing, lowering cost and providing access to increased levels of computing performance. But that’s only if the network connection is fast enough for fast application response and for data to transfer at maximum speed. Cloud applications feature persistent connections that can run over wired or wireless connections. As such, the actual network conditions can change dramatically over the duration of the session.

AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration solution is ideal for cloud services as it constantly monitors data sessions for changes in network conditions and can accelerate data flows for maximum performance for any type of content. With AppEx, response time for application hosting services is virtually the same as for locally hosted applications. AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration allows cloud service providers to really take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud without sacrificing performance. AppEx in the cloud enables remote applications to behave as if they were local from a performance perspective.

Use Cases:

  • Install LotServer in the cloud to reduce latency to the end users
  • Deploy LotWan virtual appliance in the Cloud to accelerate the applications behind it
  • Install LotServer in Cloud CDN servers to accelerate the last mile
  • Increase geographic reach of any cloud application
  • Any SaaS application (along with IaaS and PaaS infrastructures)
  • Latency sensitive applications moving to the Cloud
  • Data Center to Data Center transfers
  • API Interfaces (Application to Application communication)