CDN Background/Challenges

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers deployed in cloud or data centers to provide web service or content owners an effective means of delivering content to end-users with high availability and high performance. As more website owners use dynamic and rich media content to enhance the end user experience, current content delivery infrastructure and traditional CDNs cannot address all challenges:

  • Mobile devices today are becoming the most popular way for people to access web content. 70% of all Internet traffic now passes through a Wi-Fi or Mobile network after it leaves the CDN edge. This complicates the “last mile delivery”.
  • A “cache miss” can cost valuable load time in overall performance numbers for a CDN and in this competitive market a few milliseconds can mean the difference between getting customer business or not.
  • Synchronization of static and dynamic content is more important than ever because it can change quickly and often. This content must be updated to a CDN edge node very rapidly. This process can be slowed by congestion unless it is optimized.
  • To reduce cost, CDN edge nodes are usually built in “core” regions with the greatest Internet population. For end-users who are not within these “core” regions, they may suffer slow loading web pages, interrupted video streams or have a generally bad user experience. In many cases the network distance from CDN edge nodes can cause these quality problems. If you add the impact of wireless to this network distance problem, the user experience can vary a great deal from one minute to the next.

In addition to the challenges above, most CDN providers have to trade-off between quality and cost for their networks since the CDN market is growing quickly and market prices are eroding. Unfortunately the price erosion makes it harder for CDN providers to be profitable in today’s competitive market. For this reason, CDNs are constantly looking for ways to innovate and differentiate themselves.

AppEx Edge Performance Solution for CDNs

AppEx Edge Performance Solution for CDNs can help CDN providers deploy innovative services quickly and speed up last mile delivery in a cost-effective way.

By deploying AppEx LotServer software at the edge of the CDN network, our unique Learning-Based Acceleration™ technology is able to significantly improve the data transport efficiency in challenging network conditions to deliver a consistent end user experience and improve the overall CDN network performance and quality. Imagine being able to deliver streaming content over mobile and Wi-Fi networks - consistently and noticeably better than the competition.

As a single-ended deployment solution, end-users do not need to install additional software or plugins. Node to node transfers are significantly faster which enables efficient synchronization as content ages and needs to be updated.

LotServer can be installed on any Linux or Windows-based server in minutes without any changes to existing applications, web services or network devices.

Figure 1: AppEx Edge Performance Solution for CDNs

AppEx Edge Performance Solution for CDNs solution reduces the average latency of existing CDN architecture over the last mile from the edge nodes to end-users, enables rapid content Synchronization between edge nodes and speeds up cache miss recovery on web pages & VOD streaming delivery.

With AppEx Edge Performance Solution for CDNs optimal performance is delivered over longer network distances. CDN providers can extend their global performance reach to new geographical regions without investing in infrastructure. This significantly reduces operational costs.

In summary, AppEx LotServer software improves edge performance to end users across the last mile, the mobile last mile and the Wi-Fi last hop to deliver a great user experience for web pages, VOD and streaming video, games and mobile applications.