Learning Based Network Acceleration & Optimization

Smart and scalable, the AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration™ suite of products offers smoother, faster network experience for the end user -- and a lot less frustration. With the power of network acceleration and traffic control, AppEx Networks products improve network performance for users and increase your market reach at the same time.

AppEx single-ended deployment acceleration products can accelerate some of the world’s largest networks but is scalable down to laptops and even smartphones with a very small software footprint. This unique technology makes it possible for remotely-hosted applications to have the same fast response time as a locally-hosted application. That’s especially good news for mobile users who are frequently frustrated by the loading wheel of doom! And single-ended deployment also reduces costs and maintenance significantly.

AppEx Networks Learning-Based Acceleration™ Products

AppEx offers three Learning-Based, network acceleration and optimization products: LotServer, LotWan and LotClient.

LotServer is powered by ZetaTCP® -- a patent-pending technology unique to AppEx -- and can be installed on either origin or cache servers, so no client-side installation is required in order to accelerate application and content delivery to your end users. LotServer currently supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems and Linux distributions.

LotWan is also a ZetaTCP® and IPEQ® powered appliance and appliance software product that requires no client-side installation and it can be deployed as either a virtual appliance or an embedded acceleration solution.

LotClient is powered by ZetaTCP® as well as another of our patent-pending technologies, IPEQ®. This Learning-Based Acceleration™ software product is installed client-side and offers users the power to accelerate uploads, increase bandwidth efficiency, and experience end to end Quality of Service (QoS) -- whether the end user is using a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Try the AppEx suite of Learning-Based Acceleration™ products and you’ll also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty -- even while decreasing cost.