WAN Optimization

Powered by AppEx ZetaTCP® technology, LotWan appliances and appliance software can deliver better user experiences for web applications, especially when they are being accessed from remote locations, mobile users, or when the applications are deployed in cloud environments. LotWan has been widely deployed by telecom/mobile operators, cloud service providers, Web 2.0 companies, and enterprises.

LotWan can be a simple bump in the wire, deployed in minutes without any changes made to applications, end users or network devices. Hundreds and even thousands of web and application servers can be supported behind the LotWan appliance.


LotWan Appliance software can be installed on standard servers to create appliances when customers prefer to deploy their own hardware.

LotWan Virtual Appliances

In addition to LotWan appliances and appliance software, AppEx also provides LotWan Virtual Appliances for major public cloud infrastructures. LotWan Virtual Appliances can be purchased as either a one-time license with annual support or a subscription-based service, which eliminates upfront fees and represents an even more cost-efficient and investment-safe solution.

Use Cases

  • Websites with rich media content, such as video, pictures and flash, that will be accessed by a wide range of Internet users
  • Websites that are accessed from SmartPhones and Tablets
  • ECommerce sites which depend on fast responding web sites to increase revenue and keep loyal customers
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Online video streaming sites
  • Online gaming providers
  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) providers
  • Organizations with long-distance, cross-carrier or international network application deployments
  • Wireless video surveillance servers
  • Centralized thin client applications with global users
  • Moving large files across the Internet
  • Latency sensitive applications running in a cloud or across the Internet

Free Trial

AppEx provides risk-free trials for LotWan appliances, appliance software and virtual appliance software on public clouds like Amazon EC2. Trial customers get full functionality of LotWan and AppEx standard support services. To try it out, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .