Application & Content Delivery Acceleration

LotServer from AppEx Networks offers application and content delivery acceleration that can boost web application availability and significantly improve the overall user experience with a single-ended deployment from your web, application or cache servers.


Powered by ZetaTCP®, LotServer is a loadable kernel software module designed to accelerate the delivery of content to remote users. It can be run-time installed in just minutes without the need for making changes to applications, network devices or end users’ devices.


LotServer is an ideal solution for dynamic content transmission, thus improving the performance of a wide range of web applications and streaming content. It has been widely deployed by a wide range of Web 2.0 companies, CDNs, SaaS (Software as a Service) providers, and hosting/Cloud providers to benefit websites that serve rich media content that will be accessed by many different users, websites that offer mobile access to applications, online gaming providers and video streaming sites, e-commerce sites that depend on fast responding content, and more.

The AppEx LotServer is also a dependable web accelerator for use with latency-sensitive applications operating in the Cloud or across the Internet. It has been successfully used in large-scale deployments on thousands of servers, but is extremely efficient in terms of CPU and memory utilization.

LotServer currently supports all Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Call AppEx Networks for more information about our application and content delivery acceleration and how it can benefit your business and your end users.

Use Cases

  • Websites with rich media content, such as video, pictures and flash, that will be accessed by a wide range of Internet users
  • Websites that have mobile access from SmartPhones and Tablets
  • Ecommerce sites which depend on fast responding web sites to increase revenue and keep loyal customers
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Online video streaming sites
  • Online gaming providers
  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) providers
  • Organizations with long-distance, cross-carrier or international network application deployments
  • Wireless video surveillance servers
  • Centralized thin client applications with global users
  • Large file transfers from point to point across the Internet
  • Latency sensitive applications running in a cloud or across the Internet

Free Trial

AppEx offers a risk-free LotServer trial version online. Trial customers are entitled to full functionality of LotServer and AppEx standard support services. Click here to download LotServer.