Client Side Upload Acceleration Software

Powered by AppEx ZetaTCP® and IPEQ® technologies, LotClient software can significantly improve user experiences for video, gaming, social networks, and other real-time applications on client devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Installed on client devices, ZetaTCP® speeds uploads of pictures to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; videos to YouTube, documents to Evernote, and files to cloud storage repositories like Dropbox. IPEQ® helps to improve the performance of real-time applications like video and gaming by prioritizing them over other background traffic. LotClient can also be embedded into home/SMB routers to speed up data transmission and prevent P2P users from blocking other users from accessing the internet. LotClient is being used by millions of users worldwide.


LotClient Speeds Uploads


LotClient Prioritizes Traffic

LotClient is extremely easy to install and is pre-configured with priority defaults for video and other popular real-time applications.

Currently LotClient is only provided via an enterprise license for multiple users in an organization or as an OEM license for custom product distribution.


LotClient Architecture

Use Cases

  • Install or pre-install on PCs and laptops to speed uploads and improve video viewing experiences
  • Pre-installed on tablets and smartphones to speed uploading of pictures and other content to cloud storage or social media sites
  • Embed in home/SMB routers to accelerate uploads and balance internet access among multiple users
  • Prioritizing applications on your personal device for a better user experience
  • Optimize access to corporate networks and applications while traveling

Free Trial

AppEx provides a risk-free LotClient trial. Trial users get full functionality of LotClient and AppEx standard support services. Click here to download LotClient.