Cloud Access Acceleration

Enhance the performane of cross-border cloud connectivity and data transmission between heterogeneous cloud

Use Scenarios

Cloud Access
Cloud Synchronization


Users can deploy CloudWAN CPE at office sites to connect to CloudWAN core network. Through IPSec VPN connection, hosts in public cloud can also be connected to CloudWAN core network. With these two approaches, CloudWAN implements the interconnection between public cloud and customer’s office site.

Heterogeneous Cloud Synchronization
Cloud Access Acceleration


High-performance and high-reliability global core network
Delivery in one day
Centrialized network management, real-time monitoring and intelligent link scheduling
Better global netowork coverage than IPLS and MPLS
With more stable and better application performance than using Internet links
Rapid and flexible deployment

Typical Users

Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.