Rmarch picks AppEx for 3G video acceleration

R-March Technologies, a Beijing-based hi-tech company dedicated to the R&D of the broadband wireless video streaming and mobile communications, has chosen AppEx LotServer software to accelerate its WCDMA based wireless 3G video streaming systems.

The 3G SR Communication System is R-March’s realtime wireless 3G video communication system with bi-directional data transmission and remote control. Due to the nature of the wireless fading channels and the congestions, the network conditions vary tremendously at different time and locations, making the 3G communications very unstable, especially for the realtime network applications such as video streaming. After a series of stringent field test and comparison, AppEx LotServer stood out as the only solution that was capable of completely satisfying the wireless video requirements. With the acceleration of LotServer, the video quality was able to improve from totally unacceptable to smooth. Especially in the dual-3G multi-link setup, the ZetaTCP® engine in LotServer was able to handle severe packet reordering caused by the randomness in the channel latencies, fully leveraging the combined bandwidth of multiple cards.

AppEx ZetaTCP® optimization is extremely effective in accelerating the 3G video streaming, People told me it is an excellent 'enhancer'. But I see it as an 'enabler', at lease in our case.

Xiaoru Sun, CEO of R-March Technologies

About R-March Technologies

R-March Technologies, LLC is a hi-tech company in the field of broadband wireless video streaming and mobile communications. It offers a series of products and solutions in wireless data transmission and video streaming.

The company website is found at: http://www.r-march.com.cn