AMD Picks AppEx for video optimization

AppEx Networks announced today that AppEx client software Application Bandwidth Controller (ABC) has been chosen by AMD to optimize its realtime network video applications. At the same time, AMD and AppEx have strategically agreed on pushing the client network optimization technologies to the broad consumer market at large.

Video and gaming experiences are now the major factors affecting the consumers’ decisions in purchasing laptop and desktop computers. As one of the largest chip vendor in the world, AMD is now aiming at promoting the end users’ overall viewing experience in addition to its tireless efforts in perfecting the video processing at the chip level.

One of the largest video categories is network video streaming. Due to the complexity of the user network applications, the realtime video traffic is frequently degraded by the congestions caused by the other non-realtime network application, resulting in unsatisfactory user experiences. After tests and comparisons, AMD found AppEx ABC was able to optimize the video flows successfully in the large amount of complex network traffic mix, maximally guarantee their smoothness and clearness, enhancing the user experiences. In addition, the unilateral property of the unique AppEx IPEQ® (IP End-to-End QoS) imposes no special requirements on the video source. The client-only installation is capable of regulating the traffic and preventing congestions effectively. AppEx technology stood way up above other competing candidates.

At the time of writing, AMD has started the integration of ABC’s core components into one of its future video products. The full ABC GUI also provides a list of every network application’s realtime bandwidth usage to allow the end users to monitor and control.

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