AppEx accelerates Tsinghua Cloud

AppEx Networks is happy to announce that AppEx LotServer software is now serving in the Corsair Cloud Storage System of Tsinghua University to accelerate the high-volume access traffic from the large number of subscribers across multiple operators.

Corsair Cloud Storage is the mega-storage Cloud Service developed by the Grid Computing Division of Tsinghua University. It offers gigabytes of storage to each subscriber of the students, faculties and staffs of the University, enabling them to store and share a large variety of resources and data conveniently and safely in the Cloud. It is now starting to offer services to other universities and colleges and slowly becoming the de facto storage service of the college education system of China.

Corsair storage is deployed in CERNET, the China Education and Research Network. Due to the large number of subscribers accessing via a variety of operators, locations and networks, congestion and degradation had been a serious impact for the accesses outside CERNET, limiting Corsair’s serving range. To solve this problem, Corsair installed AppEx LotServer to all its storage servers. The results were extremely satisfactory. LotServer has been proven to have enhanced the bandwidth efficiency and stability of the transmissions. The average access speed for the non-CERNET users have been accelerated nearly 50 times. The services that have been inaccessible to them now run smoothly across the networks.

Weimin Zheng, Professor of Tsinghua University and president of the Institute of High Performance Computing, was very happy to see the improvement, "AppEx ZetaTCP®’s capability of improving Corsair Cloud Storage is truly exceptional. Our Corsair is now fast enough for the accesses from the Internet, no longer restricted within CERNET like it used to be."