Greentown deploys AppEx WAN acceleration

AppEx Networks today announced that Greentown China, one of the top property developers in China, has chosen AppEx LotWan appliances to boost the network performance between the headquarter and its branch offices across more than 50 cities all over China.

With the rapid growth of business, Greentown’s key corporate applications, such as ERP, OA, email, etc., suffered network performance degradation caused by large volumes of cross-operator, long distance data exchange amount its large number of branch offices. The data transfer speed was very low and unstable, severely impacted the operational efficiency of the company. After an extensive research and trial of the products offered by a number of vendors around the world, Greentown has finally locked in to AppEx LotWan.

AppEx LotWan not only dramatically promoted Greentown’s network performance between the headquarter and the branch offices, prioritized the key applications to guarantee their smooth operation out of a complex mix of all kinds of network applications, but also accelerated the Internet access from both the headquarter and branch offices thanks to its unique unilateral network acceleration. Besides that, the unilateral acceleration also allows Greentown to deploy the new system phase-by-phase. After the first deployment at the headquarter and a few branch offices, the other offices without LotWan have already started to enjoy the improved performance, which will get boosted even more with future deployments.

Greentown has more than 200 branch offices. Now it has completed the phase-I deployment including the headquarter and 40 branch offices. The network problems have been resolved with satisfactory in the offices with the deployment.

About Greentown China

Greentown China Holdings Limited is one of the leading property developers in China, which from 2005 to 2011, has been ranked for seven consecutive years as one of the top 10 property enterprises in China. Greentown is a public company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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