AppEx accelerates Dnion CDN

Dnion Technology, one of the largest CDN providers in China, has selected AppEx LotServer software to boost its network performance.

In order to promote its quality of CDN services to offer better user experiences, Dnion has been looking for products and solutions that could effectively speed up its network transmissions. AppEx LotServer stood out as the best for accelerating network unilaterally, thanks to its unique Zeta-TCP technology. LotServer has been proven to significantly elevate the performance of CDN data serving, especially for dynamic web contents. The unilateral deployment relieves the end users from installing any software to be benefit from the acceleration.

Dnion has started to deploy AppEx LotServer in its system phase-by-phase. The nodes that deployed LotServer have received very positive feedbacks.

About Dnion Technology

Dnion Technology is one of the top 3 CDN providers in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has operations in the major cities all over the country. It is serving thousands of enterprise customers, including some Fortune 500 businesses.

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